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By taking advantage of the high leverage opportunities offered by AVS BROKERS, you can double your money.

Bidirectional Investment Transaction

Get Profit not only from bullish movements but also from bearish movements.
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AVS BROKERS, with the most experienced and educated team of financial markets, synthesizes customer satisfaction with its technological facilities and has fully adopted corporate governance principles in global markets, and offers its services as an industry pioneer.
AVS BROKERS, the online ECN broker, has been offering its customers access to Tier 1 liquidity in the currency, commodities and stock market for years. All major currency pairs and cross rates, oil, precious metals, stock indices, blue slips and the largest set cryptocurrency pairs are located in AVS BROKERS.

Why Us?

AVS BROKERS; With its trained and experienced team of experts, its synthesized infrastructure with advanced technology, and its customer satisfaction oriented boutique service approach, it is proud to serve all investors quickly and safely.
With our young, fast and forward-looking world view, we also provide our investors with a unique investment experience by providing our strong financial assistance.


Leveraged Transactions

By taking advantage of the high leverage facilities offered by AVS BROKERS, you can make your money double while executing transactions.

Free Training

Start the forex market with full control through The training prepared by our professional trainers.

Free Signals

Our success rate in the signals prepared by our expert market analysts and presented to our customers is 85%.

Investment / Withdraw Operations

AVS Brokers is the company that accepts the fastest investment and allows 24/7 shooting at the speed of light in all countries, including weekends.

Bidirectional Investment

With its contracts that it offers, AVS BROKERS is a company that not only gains from the rising movements but also from the falling movements.

Rich Account Types

You can benefit from the advantages that best suit your investment amount thanks to the account types prepared specifically for investors in every style.
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